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I am not able to connect to private MSMQ on remote machine.

I have tried many ways like..

  1. MessageQueue rmQ = new MessageQueue("FormatName:Direct=OS:<hostname>\\private$\\<queuename>");

  2. MessageQueue rmQ = new MessageQueue("FormatName:Direct=TCP:<hostIp>\\private$\\<queuename>");

  3. Also set allowed full control on the queue for everyone and anonynmouse users.

  4. Disable firewall.

  5. Allowed Nonauthenticated Rpc on both machines.

But not luck. I am getting error Access to Message Queuing system is denied. I have also observed that assigned "rmQ" object has MessageQueueException for all of the properties.

Any help on connecting remote MSMQ will be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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Did you resolve this issue? – Tom Redfern Sep 24 '13 at 14:50
  1. Make sure you have MSMQ 5.0 installed on the machine you are sending the message from.
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As you get "Access Denied", you must be trying a remote receive over RPC.

Understanding how MSMQ security blocks RPC traffic

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