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I'm wondering if you can help me with my problem. my Code is :

test = function (_mappedReq, _callback, _req, _res, _session){
    _mappedReq.created_at = new Date();
     nbConnSaveCallback =0;
      connectDB().database("users").save(_mappedReq, function (err, res) {
              nbConnSaveCallback +=1;
              logger.debug("nbConnSaveCallback="+ nbConnSaveCallback);
                logger.minor("Error while trying to save " + s.doc._id, lambda);
                   _callback(err, null);
                  logger.debug("Succeed to save);
                  console.log("res._id = " + res._id );

                 _callback(null, res);

connectDB = connectDB = function(){
    logger.info('Opening connexion to couchDB');
    this.dbConnexion = new cradle.Connection(this.config.db.url, this.config.db.port, {
      auth: { username: this.config.db.username, password: this.config.db.password },
  return this.dbConnexion

When I go in high frequency calling test function some time the result of nbConnSaveCallback is > 1 ?

Do you have any idea of what can append ?


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Just to answer to my question i must put 'var' in front of nbConnSaveCallback =0;


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