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I want to set Delayed::Worker.max_run_time = 1.hour for a specific job that I know will take a while. However, this is set as a global configuration in initializers/delayed_job_config.rb. As a result, this change will make ALL of my jobs have a max run time of 1 hour. Is there a way to just change it for one specific job without creating a custom job?

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Looking at the Worker class on GitHub:

def run(job)
  job_say job, 'RUNNING'
  runtime =  Benchmark.realtime do
    Timeout.timeout(self.class.max_run_time.to_i, WorkerTimeout) { job.invoke_job }
  job_say job, 'COMPLETED after %.4f' % runtime
  return true  # did work
rescue DeserializationError => error
  job.last_error = "#{error.message}\n#{error.backtrace.join("\n")}"
rescue Exception => error
  self.class.lifecycle.run_callbacks(:error, self, job){ handle_failed_job(job, error) }
  return false  # work failed

It doesn't appear that you can set a per-job max. But I would think you could roll your own timeout, in your job. Assuming the Timeout class allows nesting! Worth a try.

class MyLongJobClass

  def perform
    Timeout.timeout(1.hour.to_i, WorkerTimeout) { do_perform }


  def do_perform
    # ... real perform work

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