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My jsp file is

<s:form action="UpdatePartnerPL" method="post">
        <s:textfield label="PARTNER NAME" readonly="true" disabled="true" id="ptnrname" value="%{ptnrpl.partner_name}" required="true" tooltip="Mandatory Field" name="ptnrpl.partner_name" />
            <s:textfield name="siebel_row_id" readonly="true" disabled="true" label="SIEBEL_ROW_ID"  value="%{ptnrpl.siebel_row_id}"  maxlength = "50"  id="sbl_row_id" />
            <s:checkboxlist label="PRODUCT GROUP" list="prdgrp" name="productgrp" value="%{ptnrpl.product_group}" id="productgrp" required="true" tooltip="Select atleast one or multiple product groups to display Product Lines" onclick ="callprdlines();"/>
            label="PL LIST"
            leftTitle="List of available Product Lines"
            rightTitle="Selected Product Lines"
            headerValue="--- Please Select ---"
            doubleHeaderValue="--- Please Select ---"/>
            <s:textfield name="duns_id" label="DUNS ID" readonly="true" disabled="true" value="%{ptnrpl.duns_id}" maxlength = "50"  />
            <s:checkboxlist label="Allow Partner flow to Down Stream"  list="filters" value="%{ptnrpl.ptnr_dwnstrm_filter}" required="true" name="filter"  />
            <sx:datetimepicker  required="true" name="start_date" label="START_DATE"  displayFormat="yyyy-MM-dd"  value="%{#ptnrpl.start_date}" />
            <sx:datetimepicker name="end_date" required="true" label="END_DATE"   displayFormat="yyyy-MM-dd"  value="%{#ptnrpl.end_date}" />
            <s:textfield name="comment" label="COMMENT" value="%{ptnrpl.comments}" maxlength = "100"  />

In my action i have defined all parameters with their names and also ptnrpl object i am referring but still i am not getting values in action class from jsp please help

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i am not able to send complete jsp – user1785234 Sep 6 '13 at 14:38
Do you submit the form? – Roman C Sep 6 '13 at 16:11
Are you using the default interceptor stack, or a custom one? – Dave Newton Sep 6 '13 at 17:07
yes i submit form... – user1785234 Sep 6 '13 at 17:22
Do you have Setters for your parameters in the Action ? – Andrea Ligios Sep 6 '13 at 22:46

add this in the end

<s:submit valur="submit">

and put name of the field in JSP page into your JSP page and make getter/setter of all.

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