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I have several web projects built with Symfony v1.0, but I am excited by the new features in Symfony version 1.4 (Improved security, native email support and improved performance).

How can I continue to develop my 1.0 projects but also create a testing environment for version 1.4?

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Guide to Installing Multiple versions of Symfony

Thankyou to Guillaume Flandre for pointing it out, there is a fantastic article written by eHabib on SymfonyNerds.com - http://symfonynerds.com/blog/?p=123

Here is the basic outline, read the whole article here.

Step 1 - Un-install Symfony via PEAR

Step 2 - Setup a structure for Symfony: Install symfony in /usr/share/php/symfony

Step 3 - Checkout each Symfony version you need

Use SVN checkout to grab each Symfony version. Put these in a different folder under the base Symfony directory.

Step 4 - Create symbolic links for each version

Create and test symlinks for each version of Symfony. Lets place these in the standard bin directory

Step 5 - Creating a new project

Use the relevant Symfony command. For example, to create a Symfony 1.0 project:

  • sudo symfony10 init-project test1
  • sudo symfony11 generate:project test11
  • sudo symfony12 generate:project test12

Step 6 - Check in the project Config to ensure its picked up the right version.

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This link should be useful: http://symfonynerds.com/blog/?p=123

It points to an article named: Your complete guide to running multiple Symfony versions on the same environment

It's fairly easy to do.

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Thanks Guillaume, I have summarised the article in a new answer –  Jon Winstanley Dec 8 '09 at 13:25
Sorry for just dropping the link. Lesson learned :) –  Guillaume Flandre Dec 8 '09 at 13:38

As also said in the article, I define it in lib/vendor as svn:externals: symfony http://svn.symfony-project.com/branches/1.2

So there's no symfony to be installed on the server at all and you can use as many versions without influence on other apps.

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