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is there a way to update the current line of the command output in powershell?

i know how to write to the same line:

Write-Host "hello " -NoNewLine

Write-Host "world!" -NoNewLine

but is there a way to complete replace the current line? something like:

Write-Host "hello "
Write-Host "world!" -ReplaceLine

thanks in advance!


Write-Host "hello " -NoNewLine
Write-Host "`rworld!"
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Use carriage return to return to the start of the line: `r

See this: http://ss64.com/ps/syntax-esc.html

And definition of carriage return: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carriage_return

If you want to clear a line, that and a load of spaces. Otherwise you can overwrite stuff.

I can't really write up an example here as it's SO's code character, but put it at the start of the "world" string and it should work.

Hope this helps!

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thanks Mattsjo that worked! i've updated my question with your answer! –  Dili Sep 6 '13 at 16:12

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