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Process( Seq( "rm", "-r", "*" ), new File( "/some/dir" ) ) !

This code will fail (rm: *: No such file or directory) because the * wildcard is interpreted as string value rather than a unix wildcard. Is it possible to change this behavior?

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The glob pattern is a shell feature. You can either glob for files yourself, or execute a shell, passing your arguments to it:

Process( Seq( "/bin/sh", "-c" "rm -r *" ), new File( "/some/dir" ) ) !
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Makes sense. Thanks for the proper solution. In the meantime I found Process( Seq( "rm", "-r" ) ++ new File( "some/dir" ).list(), new File( "/some/dir" ) ) ! to be sufficient (for this particular use case). – Taig Sep 6 '13 at 17:19

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