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I am trying to run a script remotely using Powershell, the script still runs, but I receive an error Invoke Command : Window Title cannot be longer than 1023 characters.

Here is my code:

Invoke-Command -ComputerName Test -FilePath "\\Some\File\Path.ps1"

I realize what is occuring when running the line in ISE, it places the comments in the header of the script into the files name. Is there a way to prevent this action? I can use the option ErrorAction SilentlyContinue which suppresses the error, but it also suppresses all other errors which is not ideal.

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This web link albeit VBS, does provide clarity and a walk-through for your situation.


This is a more common situation/issue than you would think.



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How about setting the Window Title explicitly? That should avoid the window title being anything except what you specifically want.

$host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = 'Windows PowerShell';
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I know adding another answer may not always be agreeable, but had another thought about this..

Instead of displaying a Message Box to the user, you could craft an HTML file and display to the user..

get-service | ConvertTo-Html -Title "Services" -Body "<H2>The result of get-service</H2> " -Property Name,Status | 
foreach {if($_ -like "*<td>Running</td>*"){$_ -replace "<tr>", "<tr bgcolor=green>"}elseif($_ -like "*<td>Stopped</td>*"){$_ -replace "<tr>", "<tr bgcolor=red>"}else{$_}} > c:\services.html

get-service | ConvertTo-Html -CssUri "SS64.css" > c:\services.html
Invoke-Item c:\services.html

Ref. http://ss64.com/ps/convertto-html.html

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