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Eclipse has the action 'Organize Imports', which removes all unused imports and cleans up wildcard-imports so that only the actually used members of the imported classes remain.

Does there exists a similar functionality for emacs and clojure-mode?

For example I have the following:

(ns some.namespace 
   (:use [some.lib]

From some.lib I only use fn1 and fn2. another.lib I don't use at all. That emacs command would then convert this to:

(ns some.namespace 
   (:use [some.lib :only [fn1 fn2]]))

Or equivalent:

(ns some.namespace 
   (:require [some.lib :refer :all]

converts to

(ns some.namespace 
   (:require [some.lib :refer [fn1 fn2]]))`
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As far as I am concerned: No. It would be great if we wrote this .el file, though. – Leon Grapenthin Sep 6 '13 at 16:13

Take a look at slamhound: You can run it through lein or from emacs via slamhound.el

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