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I have a database with names and I need to look up a name and get results from both with as without special chars.

Problem is that the names in the database are not saved correctly.

Example: I need to look up the name 'Mariën'. I have a 'Marien' and a 'Mariën' in my database; But it gives no results...

In my core: Configure::write('App.encoding', 'UTF-8');


utf8_general_ci for the database

utf8_general_ci for the table

varchar(100) utf8_general_ci for the field

Anyhelp on this part?

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What encoding are the names in your database saved as? – cbronson Sep 6 '13 at 15:48

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Is your database configuration in Config/database.php set with encoding => utf8?

If not cake isn't talking with the DB in UTF8 but rather in Latin1 or something.

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