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Situation: A border-less QDialog stays successfully on top of other applications.

The problem is when clicking on this always-on-top application window, the following occurs:

  • The clicked always-on-top application gets activated
  • The clicked always-on-top application window steals the focus of previous active/focused app

Is there a possibility that when clicking on this always-on-top inactive and unfocused application window,

  • the current application does not loose activation and focus
  • while user being still able to interact with the always-on-top application (hitting buttons or drop-down menus, dragging the window)?

I'm working with Qt but there's no problem about using native Windows API.

I tried the following Qt windowFlag:

  • Qt::WindowDoesNotAcceptFocus but it does not work: the always-on-top application is activated, focused.
  • Qt::WindowTransparentForInput, the always-on-top application is really transparent to clicks: not activated and not focused in but buttons are unfortunately not triggered when hit.
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It is possible to make a window unactivable and unfocusable when clicking on it by using Windows flags (#include <qt_windows.h>). The following has to be used after the window is created and shown:

HWND winHandle = (HWND)winId();
ShowWindow(winHandle, SW_HIDE);
SetWindowLong(winHandle, GWL_EXSTYLE, GetWindowLong(winHandle, GWL_EXSTYLE)
ShowWindow(winHandle, SW_SHOW);
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Hm, how do you do this in Qt anyway? Override winEvents? –  swdev Jul 4 at 9:58
You can override showEvent(). For its implementation, first call the parent method then the above code. –  Derek Jul 5 at 12:27
Not successful :) I have already success in porting the code to PyQt using PyWin libraries, overriding showEvent(), but when I click control on this suppose-to-be-nonactive-window, my main window become inactive. Any idea? –  swdev Jul 6 at 7:32
What about overriding showEvent() in the other window too? –  Derek Jul 7 at 8:18
Does the window active when you click on its background (not on one of its button). I remember that I had to override showEvent() of menu/dropdown list of the window. –  Derek Jul 8 at 11:25

I don't know about QDialog, I'm using just a QWidget for similar purpose (displaying a Windows 8 style notification).

Try setting:


maybe you'll have to set focus policy on all children.

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Thanks headsvk but it is overridden by the always on top flag: dialog->setWindowFlags(windowFlags() | Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint); It seems that this flag is conflicting with the Qt::WA_ShowWithoutActivating attribute. –  Derek Sep 9 '13 at 14:11
In fact it doesn't work at all on Windows (even without the WindowStaysOnTopHint), while on Mac there is the conflict. I tested with a MainWindow, then a QDialog and finally with a QWidget. –  Derek Sep 9 '13 at 14:37
I'm also using Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint. So I tried adding a button to my popup and when I click on it, it doesn't steal focus from my active window. How do the flags conflict? –  headsvk Sep 9 '13 at 14:53
The conflict was on Mac (sorry for the confusion). But let's go back on Windows. The application still activates and get focus in. I've created a sample Qt GUI project then added the following code in MainWindow constructor: pastebin.com/tKB2NSHz –  Derek Sep 11 '13 at 15:24
ok it doesn't work for me, my popup isn't stealing focus on show so I thought it also doesn't on click (I don't click on it, I close it on mouse enter), sorry –  headsvk Sep 11 '13 at 16:07

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