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This is pretty simple yet I am facing some problems with handling data-types in Matlab.

The below would create a simple array.

for i=1:10
   # do something here
   # i = i* i;
plot(l) # would happily plot it

In the below code, data is loaded into workspace from file containing strings each line. each line is taken as each row, and data as String.

index = 1;
split_data = regexp(data, ' ', 'split');
for eachLine=split_data
    eachLine = eachLine{:}
    num = eachLine(3) # this is the value I need
    numbers(index) = num
    index = index + 1

That's it. That's what I want to do. Extract a number from string, store in a matrix, plot it. However after iterations, the numbers object is appearing as integer and not a vector/ matrix!!

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong and how to fix?

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numbers = [numbers num];

in place of

numbers(index) = num

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If I understood you correctly, you have a cell array of strings with each line having a single string and in each line the 3rd word is a number. You might like to change your code to :

% example data variable
data={'air is 3 4 all';'lov3 K 9 s';'this is 7 o''clock'};

split_data = regexp(data, ' ', 'split');
numbers=zeros(1, len);

for index=1:len
    line = split_data{index};
    num = line(3); % this is the value I need
    numbers(index) = str2double(num);
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