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I going to create a search function in my project but found that some problem in selecting the column record from another foreign key's table is make me frustrated .

This is a normal sample output before searching: enter image description here

This is a issued table after searching: enter image description here

mysql query of my table named "member_booking" enter image description here

If I'm search the title which is based on event table,it will show me a string of title record where no restricted by Foreign key.

mysql query may look like this:

select *
from member_booking,event,member
where member_booking.E_ID=event.E_ID and member_booking.MEM_ID=member.MEM_ID and  member_booking.REF_CODES like '%$keyword%' OR event.E_TITLE like '%$keyword%' OR member.MEM_USERNAME like '%$keyword%' OR member.MEM_EMAIL like '%$keyword%' 


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You need to clean up your query. remember that and and or have different precedence, since you have NO () to enforce a parsing order, the DB is free to apply its own rules. – Marc B Sep 6 '13 at 17:01
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Be careful of SQL injection attack if you inject $keyword into those "like" operators. Use "inner join" or left/right join to join the tables.

for example.

-- your comma separated list of fields here, for example
-- e.event_title , e.amount , e.event_date , e.MEM_ID, 
member_booking mb inner join event e on mb.E_ID = e.E_ID 
inner join member m on mb.MEM_ID = m.MEM_ID
where  mb.REF_CODES like '%$keyword%' 
OR e.E_TITLE like '%$keyword%' 
OR m.MEM_USERNAME like '%$keyword%' 
OR m.MEM_EMAIL like '%$keyword%' ** 
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