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I have a question regarding the domdocument.

My $html contains something like

texts …paragraph..

<table class='test'>
   tr and td...

texts and more texts

I want to detect if there my html variable has a table element. If so, wrap the other texts in <p> tag.

so it will be

<p>texts …paragraph..</p>

<table class='test'>
   tr and td...

<p>texts and more texts</p>

My codes is like

$doc = new DOMDocument();

$tables = $doc->getElementsByTagName('table');

     foreach ($tables as $table) {
        //I am not sure what to do next...

Can someone help me out about this? Thanks so much!

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I didnt test this but.

$html  = preg_replace('/(<table.*</table>)/i','<p>$1</p>', $html);

Hope it helps...

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