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I'm working on a web-based editing UI that consists of a number of interactive items, some of which are similar, but have slightly different functionality between them. Using CoffeeScript, I've created a base class that contains all of the functionality that's common to each similar item; then, I'm extending that class to add more specialized functionality to each unique item.

I created a basic example that demonstrates my current approach:


In this example, both boxes share the .handleChangeColor() method, but the #special-box has unique .handleExpandWidth() behavior. I'm simply redefining the latter method to change the functionality for the #special-box.

In this simple case, things aren't too messy. But, in my actual project, there's a lot of functionality handled when an item is clicked, most of which is common to both items. Redefining an entire method for a special case would lead to a lot of repeated code.

I've done some brainstorming to try to come up with a more elegant approach, but so far I'm at a loss. I suspect that there's a common design pattern I'm missing, or a way to restructure my code (e.g., calling methods defining specific behaviors within a single event handler, not setting up event handlers within multiple methods) that makes more sense.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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I think you may want "super" ?


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