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I'm working on an indoor GPS application and I have my own location provider that will give me lat and long. I have google maps v2 working with my location provider by using


My problem is as I set the location source to my custom provider, the little blue icon that displays onscreen location no longer functions. Is this expected? Shouldn't google maps just use the lat/long to display the current location, no matter where it comes from?

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since you are no longer using the maps location source yes you will lose the blue dot. it is your obligation to now show the marker for your current location.

if all you need is the lat/lng why not just use the map location source?

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The blue dot should still be visible.

If you are sure your LocationSource is implemented properly, and after you call OnLocationChangedListener callback method the blue dot does not appear in the location you send, I suggest creating a simple working example to show the issue and post it on gmaps-api-issues.

I would start with a test call in activate:

Location location = new Location("myProvider");
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