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I'm trying to integrate a 3rd party C library into my project, I've never done this before and experiencing a problem with something that should be so simple, passing a string value to the C function.

Below is my code and the line that is failing generates the following error:

'Implicit conversion of an Objective-C pointer to 'const char *' is disallowed with ARC'

My Code:

NSString *myMapCode = @"GBR H4J.XLL";
double lat = 0.0;
double lng = 0.0;

returnValue = mc2coord(&lat, &lng, "GBR H4J.XLL", 0);  // This works perfectly
returnValue = mc2coord(&lat, &lng, myMapCode, 0);      // This is my Problem code

Thanks for your help.

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Here you pass an NSString, not a C string:

returnValue = mc2coord(&lat, &lng, myMapCode, 0);

If that function expects a C string, you can either change

NSString *myMapCode = @"GBR H4J.XLL";


const char *myMapCode = "GBR H4J.XLL";

or convert the NSString to a C string:

NSString *myMapCode = @"GBR H4J.XLL";
returnValue = mc2coord(&lat, &lng, [myMapCode UTF8String], 0);
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The mc2coordfunction does not take an NSString object, but rather a C string, or const char *. Above, don't save myMapCode as an NSString but rather the C string and you will be fine.

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Ahh thanks you for your help, its clear I have a lack of understanding of C so something that I'll have to work on. –  Duncan Hill Sep 6 '13 at 20:32

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