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I am trying to get caching working with a query that has left join fetch (on lazy associations) but I'm getting a LazyInitianlizationException when I enable caching on the query.

I tried using Hibernate.initialize() on the collections in the DAO with no success.

Both entities and collections have the cache annotations.

Shouldn't hibernate use 2nd level cache to load the entities for the collection ids in the query cache?

I do not want to use OpenSessionInView filter.

Edit: Hibernate.initialize() in the dao method solved the problem. for some reason the first time round it didn't work. When using queries or criteria, join/fetch profiles are not performed. needs to be done manually. (a little disappointing)

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Are you still in transaction when initialization is being performed?

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The service layer is annotated with @transaction. I'm getting the exception outside the transaction.. I tried initializing the collection in the DAO method but with no results. (both by simply calling the getters and using hibernate.initialize) – miklesw Sep 7 '13 at 7:10

When I was checking Hibernate code, it looked like Hibernate cannot reuse cache when using HQL queries (it didn't have compiler from HQL to their caching mechanism).

Read internet about LazyIntializationException you'll find possible roots of the problem.

But, frankly I can recommend you rather use fjorm. Disclaimer: I'm a founder of fjorm.

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The actual entities were being loaded from cache. The problem was with "joined" entities. Hibernate.initialize solved the problem (collections were loaded from cache) – miklesw Sep 16 '13 at 18:01

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