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I find a nice project from github but it uses the old memory management model(non-ARC). But my app uses ARC so xcode wont compile because of all the autorelease and dealloc stuff.

Is there a way to fix that? for example, use both ARC and nonARC in one project, or automagically remove all the autorelease method call?

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You can set ARC ignore flag -fno-objc-arc on the class files using not ARC - This is the quickest way to me!

Also you can refactor, GOTO: Edit>Refactor>Convert to Objective-C ARC

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Edit -> Refactor -> Convert to Objective-C ARC...

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Xcode has a tool built in, under the Edit->Refactor menu, to convert old code to ARC. Alternatively, you can set custom compiler flags for individual files in your target's Compile Sources build phase. If you want to disable ARC explicitly for a particular file, add the -fno-objc-arc flag.

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You can either migrate the code to ARC. There are WWDC sessions just about this progress or you just tell Xcode that these classes aren't using ARC.

  1. Option

    Edit->Refactor->Convert To Objective-C ARC

  2. Option

Go to Build Phases->Compile Sources and add -fno-objc-arc as compiler flags.

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