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I'm trying to debug a VB 6 dll that is used in an ASP classic page. I've gotten other dll working, but one in particular is causing me some real headaches. This one references the COMSVCSLib COM and when debugging, is empty.

    Dim objContext as COMSVCLib.ObjectContext
    Set objContext = GetObjectContext

When compiled and called from the asp page, all is fine,

        dim obj
        set obj = Server.CreateObject("page_builder.glue")
        set obj = nothing

I have 'EVERYONE' added to all aspects of the VB ASP debugging DCOM.

I am running Windows Server 2003 in 32-bit on a 64 bit machine, using IIS 6.

As I mentioned other DLLs debug fine, it's just this aspect of this one that doesn't work. Any suggestions?

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I am running Windows 2008 on a 64-bit machine, using IIS 7 and having a similar issue. –  Sola Oderinde Oct 1 '13 at 16:05
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