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A user logins into the SharePoint site we have created using their email address and this becomes their username. However this creates a problem for MySites.

When the user creates a MySite the URL it cuts of anything after the @ symbol in the username, so if the users email address is user1@test.com the URL to their MySite becomes:


However this causes a problem if their is another user with the same email prefix but with a different domain i.e. user1@anotherdomain.com. This users MySite URL also needs to be


When the user signs up to the site we create their profile and MySite using this code:

if (!profileManager.UserExists(username))
  UserProfile profile = profileManager.CreateUserProfile(username);
  profile["PreferredName"].Value = fullname!=null?fullname:username;
  profile["WorkEmail"].Value = email != null ? email : "";
  profile["PersonalSpace"].Value = email;
  #region create User My Site
  using (SPSite site = profile.PersonalSite)
    if (site == null)
      catch (Exception ex)
        System.Diagnostics.Trace.WriteLine(string.Format("CreateMySite - {0}", ex.Message));
        throw ex;
HttpContext.Current = httpCxt;

Is there something I can do here to control the URL used?

-- edit

The above behaviour is default for MOSS. I.e. I am not manually taking of the users email address, this is something the MOSS is doing automatically. I would prefer it if I could say the URL should be:


I have tried escaping the email address and assigning it to the personal space value like so:

string clean = email.Replace("@","-at-");
profile["PersonalSpace"].Value= clean;


but this hasn't helped.

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Be aware, by the code throw ex; you loose the stack trace! Use just throw; – Petr Felzmann Mar 10 '11 at 7:29
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This is an uncommon way of doing it, is there any specific reason the users are created based on the email not the username? Anyway, here's a few ideas.

  • Use normal naming conflict solutions, include the domain in the url user_domain,
  • create an unique Id user_1, user_2 if a conflict happens and check what number is after the underscore to generate the next one.


Based on your edit, you can configure the conflict resolution in moss itself, that's why I said it was a weird way of creating the urls,

In your SSP, go to MySite Settings, look at the Site Naming Format group

Your options:

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Due to a solution already implemented we have to use the users email address as they username. – Michael Edwards Dec 8 '09 at 14:50
Got it, hope you get everything working now! – Francisco Aquino Dec 8 '09 at 16:06

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