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I want to generate web URLs to files uploaded by users, and serialize them. In the controller I can do something like:

$myURL = Router::url('/', TRUE) . 'files' . DS . $relationName . DS . 'attachment' . DS . $attachmentData['dir'] . $attachmentData['attachment'];

But if the filename has spaces, it will not be escaped.

I know I can use the html helper in the view, but this means I will not be able to use the serialize magic from the controller.Also I don't want to break cake by using the HTML helper in the controller, or model.

I's there a way to create web URLs (h ttp://mydomain.c.../someimage.jpg) to files in webroot from the controller?

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I tried the following tests variables passed in serialize:

$test = 'http://my.url.com/test.jpg';
$test1 = 'http://my.url.com/test file.jpg';
$test2 = urlencode('http://my.url.com/test file.jpg');

And the result is:

"test": "http:\/\/my.url.com\/test.jpg",
"test1": "http:\/\/my.url.com\/test file.jpg",
"test2": "http%3A%2F%2Fmy.url.com%2Ftest+file.jpg"

So I don't see any problem, urls are properly JSON encoded in test and test1 and test2 is already urlencoded from PHP so it is passed as is.

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But after the JSON unparsing, only the first test will be a valid URL for making a request to it. (correct me if wrong) –  Flores Robles Sep 6 '13 at 23:43
All tests yield the original contents of the variable, including a filename with a space in 2 and 3. Obviously for the third you will need urldecoding. If you have a filename "test file.jpg" then you will be able to access it. If this doesn't answer your question then you need to be more specific as to what the problem is. –  user221931 Sep 7 '13 at 1:22
The problem is that not every program adds percent escapes (i.e. change the spaces for '%20') automatically (most browsers do) and the JSON should be compatible with programs that doesn't do that. –  Flores Robles Sep 9 '13 at 23:28

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