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When I use the Log Message as Action in a Breakpoint is it still possible to print current variable values to the log output ?

When using a NSLog inline something like this is possible ...

NSlog(@"<DeleteArea> <State> CallToggle %i",[[deleteCardState userInfo] intValue]);

however in a breakpoint as Log Message using e.g. ...

@"<DeleteArea> <State> CallToggle %i",[[deleteCardState userInfo] intValue]

does not work.

How do you output formatted variables in breakpoints?

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You can do it as a Debugger Command as follows:

expression (void) NSLog(@"<DeleteArea> <State> CallToggle %i",[[deleteCardState userInfo] intValue]);
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Thanks, works great. However I noted that this will add an additional log line to the output, like "(char ) $70 = 0xd8f71437". Can this be *turned off? –  Bernd Plontsch Sep 7 '13 at 22:37
Yeah, the result should be typecast to (void). –  rjowens Sep 8 '13 at 0:27
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