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How can Django use different file based on subdomains.

Can these utilities ("django-admin", "python") still be used if there were different settings connecting to different databases.

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ok you have two dimensions you need to cover with your settings:

  1. Domain (site)
  2. Current Machine

Here is what I recommend: - all the settings you want to inherit everywhere (all machines, all domains) - settings on a per machine basis (database settings, mail server, etc) - settings that are specific to a one of your domains - settings that are specific to a one of your domains - you get the idea

the bottom of should include:

from local_settings import *

This will override anything in the universal settings as necessary.

similarly, each of the,, settings files should begin with:

from universal_settings import *

Finally you need to set up an apache (or nginx, or whatever) instance for each domain and use the appropriate as the settings file for that server

This is the method that works best for me :)

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