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I have installed Anaconda (version 1.6.2) installed on my 64 bit machine. It comes with a great set of libraries, but I also need Basemap, part of matlibplot, but it is not included with the Anaconda install. I attempted to install Basemap and move the files in the Anacaonda\Lib\site-packages\mpl_toolkits directory since it is part of the mpl_toolkits library. However when I attempt to run a script, I keep getting the errors: "No module named _geoslib" "Cannot import pyproj"

I found the pyproj library. Do I need it? Where can I find geoslib? And how do I get Basemap to work?

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What you nees is to change your path first, by:

$ export PATH=~/anaconda/bin:$PATH

and then,

$ conda install basemap

( I assumed you are in Linux)


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The question mentions the directory "Anacaonda\Lib\site-packages\mpl_toolkits". With those backslashes, my first guess is the OP is using Windows. –  Warren Weckesser Oct 9 '13 at 15:09

If your on Windows try installing Basemap from the Sourceforge executable, these should include GEOS and PROJ4 dependencies of Basemap.

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