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I just installed Ruby Geocoder and I am trying to traverse the Geocoder::Result, but keep coming up short. I am in rails console, and have used the following:

s = Geocoder.search("90210")

Which returns the following:

[#<Geocoder::Result::Google:0x007ff295579ad8 @data={"address_components"=>[{"long_name"=>"90210", "short_name"=>"90210", "types"=>["postal_code"]}, {"long_name"=>"Beverly Hills", "short_name"=>"Beverly Hills", "types"=>["locality", "political"]}, {"long_name"=>"Los Angeles", "short_name"=>"Los Angeles", "types"=>["administrative_area_level_2", "political"]}, {"long_name"=>"California", "short_name"=>"CA", "types"=>["administrative_area_level_1", "political"]}, {"long_name"=>"United States", "short_name"=>"US", "types"=>["country", "political"]}], "formatted_address"=>"Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA", "geometry"=>{"bounds"=>{"northeast"=>{"lat"=>34.1354771, "lng"=>-118.3867129}, "southwest"=>{"lat"=>34.065094, "lng"=>-118.4423781}}, "location"=>{"lat"=>34.1030032, "lng"=>-118.4104684}, "location_type"=>"APPROXIMATE", "viewport"=>{"northeast"=>{"lat"=>34.1354771, "lng"=>-118.3867129}, "southwest"=>{"lat"=>34.065094, "lng"=>-118.4423781}}}, "types"=>["postal_code"]}, @cache_hit=nil>]

How can I access a specific part of the Result? I have tried the following:

s.result.city, result.city, s.data?? But none of these work. Any ideas would be great.


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I figured it out. The docs say "Geocoder.search returns an array of Geocoder::Result objects"

Hence, I needed this:

s[0].city <= Beverly Hills OR s.first.city (thanks to @fotanus)

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According to the docs, it is a struct, so you should access the values as an indexed symbol, like the following:


The link has what can be accessed from this object.

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Thanks for the reply, I tried result[:city] and s.result[:city] and both give me the error: NoMethodError: undefined method "result" for #<Array:0x007f8033907648> –  Dodinas Sep 7 '13 at 2:19
@Dodinas you need to call s.first[:city], since s seems to be a list (it starts with [ in your output) - of course, since it is a list, can have more than one result, so you might want to call s.each do |result| to handle each one. –  fotanus Sep 7 '13 at 2:21

When using "Geocoder.search", you need to parse through several layers to get to the city. The following will return "Beverly Hills".


If you want to use the syntax as seen in other answers, you need to create a new instance of geocoder instead of using Geocoder.search

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