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I have a class hierarchy (simplified) as follows.

SubactivityA < Activity
SubactivityB < Activity

where activity is an instance of Activity, subactivityA is instance of SubactivityA, and subactivityB is instance of SubactivityB.

I can use these link_to calls:

=link_to 'Name', edit_activity_path(activity) 
=link_to 'Name', edit_subactivitya_path(subactivityA) 
=link_to 'Name', edit_subactivityb_path(SubactivityB)

When I'm iterating through a list of Activities, this would require me to know the subclass and specify the relevant path. Is there a way to automatically call the correct path, with something like this (which doesn't work) and have it work for all subclasses??

=link_to 'Name', edit_activity_path(activity) 


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You can use ActiveRecord's becomes to achieve the URLs you want. This is mostly useful in relation to single-table inheritance structures where you want a subclass to appear as the superclass.

Here's an example:

<% @activities.each do |activity| %>
  <%= link_to 'Name', edit_activity_path(activity.becomes(Activity)) %>
<% end %>
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Thanks! I just tried it but it still generates /activities/:id/edit instead of path that's relevant to the subclass. –  Dean Sep 7 '13 at 11:42
Then edit_activity_path(activity) should work. Are you using single table inheritance for activities? –  Chris Ledet Sep 7 '13 at 17:02
I am using Mongoid which supports ActiveSupport and ActiveModel. –  Dean Sep 8 '13 at 12:44

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