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i made a page in laravel 3 like a year ago and im changing my host, i had problems with Mod_rewrite at making the domain answer to the public folder and i made the public folder the html_public by changing the paths.php file and index.php.

Everithing seems to work fine but when i make a Redirect in the controller i get the url with the public folder for example:


Takes me to

And i need that url witouth the public fonder.

Is there another way to redirect to that route or a easy way to make the redirect without the public folder?

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in the config/application.php just change the static url or the empty one to the following

which detect the right url for you and for your application function in use like redirect

if (empty($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']) || $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] == "artisan") {
$url = '';
} else {
$url = 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . str_replace('/index.php', '',  $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']);

return array(

| Application URL
| The URL used to access your application without a trailing slash. The URL
| does not have to be set. If it isn't, we'll try our best to guess the URL
| of your application.

'url' => $url,

and leave the rest of the file as is it

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