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I would do something like

let last n xs = xs |> List.rev |> Seq.take n |> List.ofSeq |> List.rev

I am not sure about turning a list to a sequence and back though. Is this how you do it F#?

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You could just write your own take for lists. let rec take n ls = match ls, n with | _ , 0 -> [] | x :: rs, _ -> x :: take (n-1) rs | _ -> [] –  DiegoNolan Sep 7 '13 at 5:52

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Seq + Skip

Taking the last N items is equivalent to skipping the first (length - N) items, so for a Sequence as input (and output), you could do something like:

let last n xs = Seq.skip ((Seq.length xs) - n) xs

(or, with piping, let last n xs = xs |> Seq.skip (Seq.length xs - n)

and for a List as input (and output) you could do:

let last n xs = List.toSeq xs |> Seq.skip (xs.Length - n) |> Seq.toList

or by defining both, just pipe it to the sequence one:

let lastList n xs = List.toSeq xs |> last n |> Seq.toList

Tail + Recursion

Alternatively, this can be achieved by (tail) recursively applying Tail as so:

let rec last n xs =
  if List.length xs <= n then xs
  else last n xs.Tail
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You could use List.foldBack to traverse the list from the end:

let takeLast n list = 
    let (_, r) = List.foldBack (fun e (i, acc) -> (i - 1, if i <= 0 then acc else e :: acc)) list (n, [])
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To avoid rebuilding the list, you may use a simple recursive algorithm.

Note, we are not using neither List.Cons nor Seq.toList which does the same internally.

let lastN n xs =
    let rec skip n xs = 
        match n, xs with
        | _, []     -> []   // empty list, returning unchanged
        | 0, _      -> xs   // found an element at which the remainder
                            // of the list is to be returned
        | n', h::t  -> skip (n-1) t    // proceed to next iteration

    let toSkip = (List.length xs) - n  // how many elements to skip
    if toSkip < 0 then xs   // or an exception, depending on expected behavior
    elif toSkip = 0 then xs // requested exactly as many elements
                            // as the list contains
    else skip toSkip xs

// usage
let data = [1 .. 10000000]
let stopWatch = new System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch()
|> lastN 3
|> List.iter (printf "%d ")
printfn "\nelapsed: %f ms" stopWatch.Elapsed.TotalMilliseconds


9999998 9999999 10000000
elapsed: 194.846700 ms
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