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When I click on a particular portion in my website, only I found this error... what should I do.. Please help.

Error Number: 2006

MySQL server has gone away

This is the sql query I use:

    bctoad_ad.ad_title, bctoad_ad.ad_description, bctoad_ad.ad_date, bctoad_ad.ad_image,
FROM bctoad_ad
INNER JOIN bctoad_pushtotop
    ON bctoad_ad.ad_id=bctoad_pushtotop.post_id
    and bctoad_ad.ad_status='A'
    and bctoad_ad.user_id='UID130308315357256' limit 0,3`
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Probley there is a row that is contains more than 4mb of data. –  Perry Sep 7 '13 at 7:38
paste your site link –  Moeed Farooqui Sep 7 '13 at 7:39

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I think, it's because of max_allowed_packet in your my.ini file on server, use this tip:

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