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I have a Taxonomy Term Set called Location linked to a custom column called Office Location and I want to filter my CQWP with this column. I also want it to include children taxonomy terms, for example I have a term Sydney nested in the term Australia, filtering with Australia should also return Sydney.

Here's my code for now, I can filter the term but can't filter the children terms. Hope someone can help me on this.

    protected override void OnLoad (EventArgs e)
            string locQueryString = this.Page.Request.QueryString["Location"];
            if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(locQueryString))

            Guid filterFieldID = SPContext.Current.Item.Fields["Office Location"].Id;
            this.FilterField1 = filterFieldID.ToString();
            this.FilterIncludeChildren1 = true;

            this.FilterValue1 = locQueryString;
        catch (Exception)
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