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I am trying to read out the HTTP Cookies from AppEngine Endpoints method:

@ApiMethod(httpMethod = "get")
public void getAll(HttpServletRequest req) {"req: " + req);

    Cookie[] cookies = req.getCookies();
    for (Cookie cookie : cookies) {"cookie: " + cookie.getName() + " " + cookie.getValue());


But no matter what i try, the cookies are NULL. Any ideas? It should work in this way:

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If I run this application on localhost, the cookies are not deleted. It's strange... – jens Sep 7 '13 at 12:24

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Something like this seems to work for me. I have tested it right on App Engine.

@Api(name = "api_name", version = "v1", description = "An API", auth = @ApiAuth(allowCookieAuth = AnnotationBoolean.TRUE))
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Thanks!! This seems to have enabled sessions in my endpoints as well. Perfect! – hordurh Nov 28 '14 at 14:25

It doesn't seem to work with Java. There's a bug filed here:

With Python, cookies aren't passed through by default but there is a way to enable them. I think this annotation is meant to do the same in Java but doesn't seem to do anything:

@ApiAuth(allowCookieAuth = AnnotationBoolean.TRUE) 
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