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I am working with PHP preg_match -- how can I find if both foo and bar are present regardless whether it's foobar or barfoo or something bar that foo. Obviously something like foo.*bar|bar.*foo would work but for a sufficiently complex foo and bar I would vastly prefer not to write them twice.

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If it's only a test, you can easily make two checks: one for foo and the other for bar.

Otherwise, if you want that in a single regex, you can make use of positive lookaheads:


Each make sure that foo and bar respectively are somewhere further in the string with any character (.*) from where the regex pointer is.

EDIT: Also, for performance, you can add a beginning of line anchor so that it doesn't have to check every single position in the string if either or both words are not in the string:

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(?=.*foo)(?=.*bar) works but you should really add a ^ start of string anchor to allow it to fail much quicker for strings that don't match. As written it must perform both lookaheads at every position in the string before it can declare match failure. – ridgerunner Sep 7 '13 at 13:50

I think the second assertion is just an overhead, /^(?=.*?foo).*?bar/ is also enough. And I suggest to use the non-greedy form, if you expect that your strings are found in the text. I should also note, that dot only matches non-newline characters, which might be a problem for multiline strings.

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