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After creating a customer successfully, I can inspect the object with:

Rails.logger.debug("single card object has: #{customer.cards.data.card.inspect}")

which returns a json like this:

#<Stripe: : Customer: 0x2801284>JSON: {
    "id": "cus_2WXxmvhBJgSmNY",
    "object": "customer",
    "cards": {
      "object": "list",
       "data": [
              "id": "card_2WXxcCsdY0Jjav",
               "object": "card",
               "last4": "4242",
               "type": "Visa",
               "exp_month": 1,
               "exp_year": 2014,
     "default_card": "card_2WXxcCsdY0Jjav"

But I will do Customer.cards.data.last4 it gives a NOMethodError.

If I remove the last4 and just call Customer.cards.data, it gives

#<Stripe: : Card: 0x1ed7dc0>JSON: {
      "id": "card_2Wmd80yQ76XZKH",
      "object": "card",
      "last4": "4242",
      "type": "Visa",
      "exp_month": 1,
      "exp_year": 2015,

Now I seem to have the direct card object but if I do

   card =  Customer.cards.data
   self.last4 = card.last4

I still get a noMethodError

Here is shortened version of my model:

     class Payment < ActiveRecord::Base
         def create_customer_in_stripe(params)
             if self.user.stripe_card_token.blank?
               user_email = self.user.email
               customer = Stripe::Customer.create(email: user_email, card: params[:token])
               card  = customer.cards.data

               self.card_last4  = card.last4
               self.card_type = card.type
               self.card_exp_month = card.exp_month
               self.card_exp_year = card.exp_year
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customer.cards, as the name implies, returns multiple cards in an array.

You can't call card accessor methods because you don't have a Stripe::Card object; you have an array of Stripe::Card objects. You need to either call customer.cards.first (the most likely answer) or iterate over the array for a specific card you're looking for.

Once you have a Stripe::Card object, all the accessor methods will work correctly.

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Thanks, that did the trick. Does calling first always return the lat card created. –  brg Sep 7 '13 at 16:03
first will always be the first array item (like any other Ruby array). Stripe doesn't guarantee any given ordering, so if there are multiple cards it could be any card. In this particular case, since you're at signup, there's probably only one card to choose from and it'll always be the right one. –  colinm Sep 7 '13 at 16:08
Ok thanks for clarifying. –  brg Sep 7 '13 at 16:20

cself.card_last4 = card.last4 should be self.card_last4 = card["last4"] as the gem itself doesn't have a last4 method when searching on github. I know i have to use Hash syntax.

I have a feeling that all of your methods on card will need this syntax.


So it sounds like your model's last4 column is an integer, do card["last4"].to_i or change the migration to a string column in the DB.

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Thanks. I changed the code to use your suggested approach with self.card_last4 = card["last4"] but it now throws TypeError (no implicit conversion of String into Integer). I tried self.card_last4 = card["last4"].to_s and threw the same TypeError –  brg Sep 7 '13 at 12:34
It doesn't have a lot of methods; they're dynamically generated from the JSON response. –  colinm Sep 7 '13 at 15:26
card =  Customer.cards.data

self.last4 = card[0].last4
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Thanks this also works perfectly. Since I had accepted the first correct answer, I decided to upvote yours, since it is also correct. –  brg Sep 7 '13 at 16:19

how do you get the default active card in rails "default_card": "card_2WXxcCsdY0Jjav" in the list of customer.cards?

is there a better way rather than to loop thru customer.cards to get it or even easier way? Any pointers?

Hope this help someone who is wondering as well :- )

default_active_card = customer.cards.data.detect{|obj| obj[:id] == customer.default_card}
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Never mind this question, since i found the answer to my own question...nice :- ) Hopefully this help someone who is wondering as well. default_active_card = customer.cards.data.detect{|obj| obj[:id] == customer.default_card} –  tomtom Sep 7 '13 at 21:57
Very helpful addition. thanks @tomtom. –  brg Sep 10 '13 at 11:47

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