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  1. I've got PreferenceFragment added in activity, so I see my preferences (and the most important I see my custom action bar). But this fragment has nested preference screens inside and when I click one of those then action bar is changed to default one (nested preference screen is probably new activity?).

    How can I remain with my custom set Action bar, please?

  2. In that PreferencesFragment I need to have an "About us" button which shows some text (So probably show other framgent).

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OK I made work-around, for preference screens I made custom activity which I start from preferences and this activity has another preference fragment in it based on intent's extra

Sources for accomplishing that: Android: Start Activity from preferences.xml Is there any way to put extras to Intent from preferences?

If anyone has better solution I'll be happy to accept is as answer, but until then I'll go with mine :)

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