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How can I minify all output HTML templates in Smarty?

like this way: $smarty->minify = true;

P.S : I found {strip} function but I should use this function in all of my .tpl files. I have many .tpl file and this way is not possible for me.

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You could use an output filter for this: Output filters take your HTML output, after all smarty parsing, and run some PHP logic on it, before outputting it to the user. This way, you would register an output filter and minify/compress your output there. Consult the good smarty documentation for output filtering: smartyV2 - smartyV3

As to how to minify code in PHP, you can find several good articles on the net.

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I used this code:

function minify_html($tpl_output, Smarty_Internal_Template $template) {
    $tpl_output = preg_replace('![\t ]*[\r\n]+[\t ]*!', '', $tpl_output);
    return $tpl_output;

// register the outputfilter
$smarty->registerFilter("output", "minify_html");


NOTE: you will need to change // comments into SCRIPT tags to /* comments */

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