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I want generate AJAX (based on jQuery) request to Spring MVC controller and return Collection with objects to jsp. I have two troubles: 1. AJAX success block doesn't work (something with data type); 2. Don't know how to display this objects to the jsp.

<c:forEach items="${objects}" var="object">
    size : <c:out value="${object.size}" />

^ This code doesn't work.

My AJAX request:

    function AJAXItemRequest(name, surname) {
            type : "POST",
            dataType: "json",
            url : "/pages/users",
            data : {name: nameValue, surname: surnameValue},
            success : function(data) {

Spring MVC Controller

@RequestMapping(value = "/users", method = RequestMethod.POST)
public ModelMap userHandler(ModelMap model, HttpServletRequest request, @RequestParam("name") String nameValue, @RequestParam("surname") String surnameValue ) throws Exception {
        Collection<Users> users = findConnectedUsers(name, surname);
        model.addAttribute("objects", users);
    return model;

Also, AJAX request works and controller successfully returns model Collection.

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This is not working , To use Ajax with Spring you should use respose body and not ModelView

@RequestMapping(value="/", method = RequestMethod.POST,headers="content-type=application/json")
@ResponseBody public List<Object> searchAlluserByQuery(@RequestBody  String query) {

return serachService.getListByqueryContains(query);


Don't forget have jackson.jar on your class path and in view layer Jstl not working for ajax! you should use java script frame work such jquery to get Json object

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