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I have following model:

App.ApplianceType = DS.Model.extend
  name: DS.attr('string')
  description: DS.attr('string')
  author: DS.belongsTo('user')

  author_name: (->
    console.debug 'author >>> %o', @get('author')
    if @get('author') == null
  ).property 'author.login'

App.User = DS.Model.extend
  login: DS.attr('string')
  appliance_types: DS.hasMany('appliance_type', { inverse: 'author' })

Everything works as expected with one exception: after ApplianceType model is saved (@get('content').save()) belongsTo relation into author is set into author id instead of author model.

author >>> <App.User:ember427:3>                           //presenting appliance_type
PUT http://localhost:3000/api/v1/appliance_types/20 200 OK //saving appliance type
author >>> 3                                               //updating author login after save

Problem is connected with payload returned by the PUT invocation:

  "description":"asdfasdfsd **aaaa**",   

After the payload is changed into {} everything is OK - record is not updated. Is it expected behavior or bug in emberjs/ember-data?

emberjs 1.0.0, ember-data 1.0.0.beta.2


I believe it is connected with: https://github.com/emberjs/data/issues/1228

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Looks like a PR was pulled in last night that should fix this.


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Yeah this PR solves my problem :) – Marek Kasztelnik Sep 11 '13 at 9:41

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