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I'm trying to download data from heroku to local Win7 MySQL, using standard syntax as described in Push and Pull Databases To and From Heroku.

I've been doing it several times with sqlite locally but with MySQL Heroku Toolbelt seems to have problems to connect to the database.

I get the following Error:

Failed to connect to database:

Sequel::AdapterNotFound -> LoadError: cannot load such file -- mysql

Below you can see my console log. I listed all dependencies as well. (May be I miss one?)

What do I miss here?

Win7 console:

c:\Sites\app>heroku db:pull mysql://root:passwd@localhost/app-staging
Loaded Taps v0.3.24
Warning: Data in the database 'mysql://root:passwd@localhost/app-staging' will be overwritten and will not be

 !    WARNING: Destructive Action
 !    This command will affect the app: app-staging
 !    To proceed, type "app-staging" or re-run this command with --confirm app-staging

> app-staging
Failed to connect to database:
  Sequel::AdapterNotFound -> LoadError: cannot load such file -- mysql

c:\Sites\app>bundle show mysql2

c:\Sites\app>mysql -V
mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.11, for Win32 (x86)

c:\Sites\app>heroku --version
heroku/toolbelt/2.40.1 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.3
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The best possible solution out of this situation is to use a postgres database locally as well, and use heroku pg:pull, currently available on the pg-extras plugin (https://github.com/heroku/heroku-pg-extras).

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I second hgmnz's recommendation to use PostgreSQL locally, but if you really want to use MySQL via the mysql2 driver, you need to use mysql2://root:passwd@localhost/app-staging instead of mysql://root:passwd@localhost/app-staging.

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