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What is an efficient way to get a random element from a collection in Scala? There's a related question here, but like one of the comments pointed out, "[that] question does not specify any efficiency needs".

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In case size method is efficient you should use apple(randomIndexLessThanSize). In general there is no such method: for instance you can't get fair random element from infinite collection. –  senia Sep 7 '13 at 15:59

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An arbitrary collection cannot be accessed in constant time. So you need some special collection with the desired property. For instance — Vector or Array. See Performance Characteristics of collections for others.

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Use a collection with a constant-time size() and get() method.

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If you need random order of all collection elements, then Random.shuffle is what you need. (You'd better convert the original collection to array to avoid forward and backward conversion.)

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util.Random.shuffle(List.range(1,100)) take 3 
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