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I have read a tab-delimited file into R:

> var
          V1         V2     V3
1    sample1   sample18  99.97
2    sample2   sample3   99.97
3    sample3   sample36  99.96
4    sample4   sample2   99.96
5    sample5   sample16  99.96
6    sample6   sample22  99.96

I'm looking for a command like table(V1,V2), except I want the V1-vs-V2 values from V3. That's to say, I'm looking to transform this 3 column table into a distance matrix.

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xtabs( V3 ~ V1 + V2, data=var )
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+1 - well done for interpreting the OP correctly! –  Simon O'Hanlon Sep 7 '13 at 18:03

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