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I am a total Groovy newbie. I saw the following code on http://docs.huihoo.com/grails/1.0.3/ref/Controllers/beforeInterceptor.html

def beforeInterceptor = [action:this.&auth,except:'login']

How would I expand this to also include a second exception, say, if the action was 'login2'?

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Wow, would have expected a quick answer on this!

Well, found my own answer: you can't have more than one exception with except.

See the feature request here.

Instead, they recommend creating a Filter. See here.

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Not a ton of Groovy ninjas on the site yet (I'm just a newb myself) so some of these questions do take a while to get answered. glad you solved it though! –  codeLes Oct 13 '08 at 14:48

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