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I am trying to set up broadcast messaging to all nodes in the system. When a new node joins the system, it publishes a message to everyone else to announce its entry. The way I have designed is that, a exchange exists to which all nodes will bind its own queue. Whenever a new node joins the system, it will bind its queue as well to the exchange and publish a message to the exchange. All nodes will receive this msg(including itself) and all other nodes(except this message) will send a "ack" message so that the new node will get to know the available nodes in the system. But somehow I couldn't able to get this working. My broadcast messages doesn't propagate to every node in the system. A simple one node publishing and rest consuming is working. But same node publishing and consuming is somehow screwed up somewhere.

Is there any other efficient way of doing this apart from the logic mentioned above? Or is there any restriction from rabbitmq perspective to achieve the above or is my code buggy and do I have to take a closer look at it.

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I do have a stop gap soltion. I have a mediator who is the only one who publishes message to the exchange. All other nodes sends a direct message to the mediator and mediator just publishes the same to the exchange. Since all nodes have subscribed to the exchange, message gets broadcasted to every node in the system. But it should be feasible to achieve w/o the mediator. –  Simpson Sep 7 '13 at 16:29
It would be helpful if you provided a little more detail. What kind of exchange are you using, perhaps some code too. What you want to do should be straight forward so I am guessing that you have a bug somewhere, either in your logic or in your actual code. –  robthewolf Sep 8 '13 at 6:47

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Have you tried the RPC style message, with a callback queue that you identify in the broadcast message's propeties? Like at the rabbitmq tutorial.

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