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I am a developer and just found pandoc. Looks really cool.

I have alot of my school work done in latex and as a developer i would like to extend the latex to html to my needs.

I just need a few pointers on where to start.

The first task I want to solve is that when it reads a \maketitle i want to generate a html title block.

Next step, i want it to beable to read \def \CodeName {\textbf{OpenCMS}} and whenever i have used \CodeName{} in latex it will use the stuff from the variable.

Anyone who can point me in the right direction?

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If you use the -s option, pandoc should give you an HTML title block based on the title information in the LaTeX file.

On the other issue: Try using \newcommand instead of \def. Recent versions of pandoc understand \newcommand macro definitions.

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Cool. I guess that will do for now then. I must likely will come back asking for more when i run into other issues :) Thanks for answering. –  pksorensen Sep 8 '13 at 18:13

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