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I have a site and I use Virtuemart on it. When user goes to checkout, there is a login form (I am already a member), but there is no any register option or button. How can I add the registration option on the checkout page? The form is above the billing and shipping adress information.

Thank you

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The url is


but you may want to create a menu item (in a hidden menu) pointing to it in order to get a proper SEF url.

Then you just insert a link in your code (template override of the login module would be the easiest, just lookup "Joomla template override" here on StackOverflow.

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hello and thank you for your answer. The url is ok. I found it. But on which file should I do an override? And where should I add the registration link? –  user2607179 Sep 8 '13 at 22:32


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