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I periodically run a long decryption process on data that was encrypted with public key encryption via the strongbox gem. The process decrypts some messages, and sends the no-longer secure data to the requesting party.

The decryption process now takes long enough in some cases that it should really be performed asynchronously. I want to handle that by passing the job to a resque scheduler.

The decryption password is coming from a web request - how can I securely pass the password to resque? (resque and web request are on different AWS instances). I don't want someone with access to the resque logs to have access to the password.

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Filter Parameter:

Well you can definitely filter your parameter/password from log so everytime you log via Resque logger or Rails logger try to filter those parameter out

Imagine the basic code snippet to look like this

def filter
  @filter ||=

def filter_parameter(params)
  filter.filter params

Now every time you call your logger simple filter the parameter

[Rails | Resque] (filter_parameter(my_parameter))

This would solve the problem of anyone having access to Resque or Rails logger knowing the password

Secure Redis Connection:

All though this might filter the params in log but the Resque/redis does contain the sensitive data in them

I believe what max you do to prevent some one sniffing for password inside redis is connect redis with a password .

they way you can do that is set a password in redis.conf

Inside redis.conf hunt for this line (uncomment it and set your password)

#requirepass [set your redis password)

and then connect to Resque using this password this will ensure that only the client that are aware of redis password are allowed to make a connection

Resque-web :

Well apparently if you are using resque-web the data still might be available on the UI the best you can do is use some authorization mechanism like Basic Auth or any that suit your need and allow only those which are successfully authenticate according to your need

This are the approach what I flet off and as of now I don't have any other approach :)

Hope this help

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