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After adding the system call to kernel I tried to compile the kernel.
It ran for 2 hours and at the end throw the below mentioned error [screenshot]

undefined reference to

enter image description here

Any idea what had happened.

Kernel 3.9.3

steps followed are -

get kernel codes from www.kernel.org. wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v3.0/linux-3.3.1.tar.bz2

Upzip it with command ‘tar xvfj XXX” to a folder For example : /root/kernel tar xvfj linux-3.3.1.tar.bz2

Edit file “/root/kernel/linux-3.3.1/arch/x86/syscalls/syscall_64.tbl” Add new line

312 64 husky1 sys_husky1

Eidt file “/root/kernel/linux-3.3.1/include/linux/syscalls.h” Add new function declaration asmlinkage long sys_husky1(int fd);

before the line “#endif”

Add a new c file under “/root/kernel/linux-3.3.1/arch/x86/kernel” (I am using x86 CPU) Example :

Edit “/root/kernel/linux-3.3.1/arch/x86/kernel/Makefile” Add a new line “obj-y += husky.o”

goto /root/kernel/linux-3.3.1 folder and run command “make –j8”

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Search your syscall_64.tbl file for "sys_hello_rana". I am guessing you named your syscall as "sys_hello_rana" in syscall table but you used a different name(sys_husky1) when you defined it.

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