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When a form or an add-button returns to a page, it throws an error or shows wrong output on the page, if there is js or other kinds of output on the page. Here is an example:

      $crud->grid->addButton('addStudents')->set('Importer elever')->js('click',$this->js()->univ()
       ->dialogURL('Importer elever',$this->api->url('importusers&usertype=student'))

When clicking on "Add School" This outputs

$('#barometeradmin_mgr').univ().dialogURL('Importer elever','/redskab/barometer/admin/?page=importusers\x26usertype=student\x26barometeradmin_mgr_tabs_view_htmlelement_crud_virtualpage=add')

in the dialogurl created by the button.

Is there a way to check if the page is loaded for the second time (that is, by the button).

Thanks! Jeppe

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I think all you need to do is leave out the '->execute()'?

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