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I use VS2010 and I noticed when I add a key:value pair into std::map,if the similar key is already in the map, then the insertion is ignored.So for example:

     std::string pipeName = "pipe1";

This operation results in only one pair stored in the map.I would like to throw an exception in such a case.So yes,I can just compare before the insertion if the key already exists, but can std::map be forced to throw it?

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You could check the return value and throw the exception yourself:

auto p = _pipes.insert(std::make_pair(pipeName,ppl));
if (!p.second)
  // insert failed, throw something

Obviously this could be wrapped in a helper function or class.

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Yes I see now,probably will use something like this. –  Michael IV Sep 7 '13 at 19:43

can std::map be forced to throw it?

No. The behaviour of std::map is well-defined, and doesn't include throwing exceptions on duplicate insertions. If you want this behaviour, you should write a wrapper class.

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Thanks for the tip.But since @juanchopanza has less points than you I will give it to him ;) –  Michael IV Sep 7 '13 at 19:54

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