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In the documentation changelog of the plugin, at Version 1.1, we can read:

Support `widget:'textarea'` constraint.

Grails has a textArea field. This is the example of the grails documentation:

<g:textArea name="myField" value="myValue" rows="5" cols="40"/>

But, if we are using Grails Fields Plugin, and we have a code like:

<f:field  bean="popularExpressionsInstance" property="omg" />

How could we convert it to textArea to allow to type several lines of text?

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In your popularExpressions domain class, add the following constraint for omg

static constraints = {
  omg widget: 'textarea'

Note: if you need to control style of textarea, you'll need to include it in the body of the f:field tag, for example

<f:field  bean="popularExpressionsInstance" property="omg">
  <g:textArea name="omg" cols="40" rows="5" maxlength="40" value="some default text"/>
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Thank you! But just with ... <textarea rows="5" cols="40"></textarea> </f:field>, the field become a textArea. Why the constraint is for? –  chelder Sep 8 '13 at 0:13
@chelder if you define it in your constraint with widget: 'textarea' you are telling Grails how you want that property to be rendered in Scaffolding. If you use the default scaffolding Grails will generate a textarea for that property. For your use-case it might not be necessary. –  Alidad Sep 8 '13 at 16:00
perfect. thanks for the clarification! :) –  chelder Sep 8 '13 at 21:35
Please, change <textarea... by <g:textArea name="omg" cols="40" rows="5" maxlength="40" value="some default text"/>. If not, the submitted value of the form is always null. –  chelder Sep 10 '13 at 1:34

You can override body of tag directly in GSP, as @user2264997 mentioned, but use ${ property } and ${it.value} variables:

<f:field property="description" widget="textarea">
    <g:textArea name="${ property }" cols="40" rows="5"
        value="${it.value}" />
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